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Templates & File Formats

After the payment has been processed, please send artwork with contact info. to [email protected] 

Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your print job is being processed.

Here are some guidelines for your artwork:

When submitting 'ART READY' work to be printed at NGSL MULTI MEDIA GROUP
Please make sure your art follows our guidelines for printing!

Art Guidelines:

  • 1/8 inch ( .125 ) bleed around all sides.
    (FOR EXAMPLE: If you are doing a 4x6 flyer, the file should be 4.25 x 6.25)
  • Text & important images should be within the print area and not go past the bleed lines, so that your text does not get cut off! (download templates to see cut area)
  • 300 DPI resolution
  • CMYK color format (Mode)
  • PDF or JPEG - Set to Highest Quality (low quality compression will degrade your images!)

Please download the templates on the right and make sure your file is properly formatted to ensure proper printing and cutting!!

Thank you.

Tips on Saving files in the correct format:
  • When sending files make sure the resolution is proper so that image quality is never sacrificed. The general rule is always start your design with a resolution of 300 dpi. On the web, resolutions can be low for file size reasons. But when making good color printing, resolution is everything.
    Here's a common mistake people make when designing… They start a file with a lower resolution, and when they are done they increase the resolution to the correct dpi. This is all wrong, even though you increased the resolution and the end, the image will still be soft or blurred. When done in Photoshop, save the image as a JPEG file (quality setting of 12).

  • Make sure your files are in CMYK mode and have a 0.25" bleed on your file .

  • (please see ALL TEMPLATES to the right)

         (Or Click on link to Download Files Separately)

Click on links at and Right-Click to Save to Disk
(CMYK files will not display in web browsers)

You must hold CTRL key & click on links and Save to Disk
(CMYK files will not display in web browsers)


Download Templates below:

All Templates

B Cards (2"x3.5")

Flyers (4"x6")

3x4 Flyer

5x7 Flyer
6x8 Flyer

2x5 Ticket

CD Cover
CD Tray
DVD Cover

8.5x11 Trifold Outside

8.5x11 Trifold Inside

11x17 Trifold Outside

11x17 Trifold Inside













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